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apparently, Oda has become sick.
Maybe One Piece 710 manga taking break?
the statement:
"Issue in WJ16 (released 3/18)
Because of sudden illness of the author, ONE PIECE has become the hiatuses.
Everyone of you readers who are looking forward to it, very sorry.
In addition, ONE PIECE is listed in the table of contents of the issue and the postcard WJ16.
On the process of printing, the fix was not in time. I apologize once again.
More is expected from WJ17 resume issue (on sale 3/25).
Thank you enough for your support in the future to ONE PIECE.
"Weekly Shonen Jump editorial department"

SOURCE : http://www.shonenjump.com/j/

you dont cry but Naruto 631 and Bleach 538 Will be released today.

for indonesia language, Naruto 631, One Piece 711, and Bleach 538. sorry for this news.

I hope its nothing serious. Get well Oda-sama

Get well soon oda-sensei I hope he gets well soon because if the hiatus is too long the rankings may fall and it could possibly get cancelled. However i highly doubt this because one piece is so good, its been going on for so long and oda is a genius (honestly he is the god of manga). I used to think that akira toriyama was amazing but wow... oda sensei.